Hospitality training in the Caribbean

Are you just started a new hotel? Have you recently expanded and taken on many new employees? Or do you think your staff could use a serious training reboot? Pierson Consulting Service, Inc can help. We offer hospitality training in the Caribbean.

Hotel training may seem quite straightforward and easily achieved in a pep-talk. Simply smile, say hello to the guests, and collect the money. However manners are just one aspect of a whole myriad of skills needed for a successful, thriving hotel in this industry.


Pierson does not only only conduct hotel training. There is also a rigorous quality assurance procedure to ensure that the training has taken and that the client has been given the best chance to increase profit through returning customers. This is the accountability that Pierson aims for when completely objectives for clients.

Hotel Management Training

Pierson’s hotel training is not just restricted to lower staff. Training at the managerial level can be just as, if not even more important. Hotel management training ensures that operations, sales, accounting, human resources, and marketing are all working like the well-oiled machine they should be. The way in which management works with all of these moving parts will determine the business’ growth in a big way. This is why hotel management training is so vital; it is quite literally about the hotel’s future.