Pre-pening assistance and development hospitality in the Caribbean

Pierson Consulting Services, Inc. has many years of experience and expertise that has seen many a hotel/resort makeover, takeover, and development. These years cannot be discounted as we could be able to save clients tens of thousands of dollars. There are far too many common mistakes that new hotel and resort developers simply are not aware of.

We operate in phases in order to ensure maximum accountability and basic deliverables.

Phase 1:

  • Site and Zoning applications/approvals
  • Architect and Engineer consultations
  • General Contract and FF&E Procurement
  • Pre-Opening Sales and Marketing Plans
  • Operational Budget Planning
  • Manage Bids

Phase 2:

  • Set up Credit and Direct Billing
  • Create a Vendor List
  • Create Pre-Opening Budgets
  • Vet Advertising Avenues

Phase 3:

  • Hire Important Management Staff
  • Improve Local Sales Effort
  • Staff Training
  • Arrange Procurement for Hotel Supplies
  • Set Up POS and PMS System for Improved Performance
  • Conduct Inspections to Ensure all Previous Steps Adequately covered.

By carrying out this series of important tasks, we ensure that we cover all the bases required for opening up the next hotspot of the Caribbean.