Hospitality management in Caribbean

Hotel and Hospitality Management in the Caribbean has unique and universal features alike. With Pierson Consulting Services, Inc. you can rest assured that we help our clients to meet the best international hospitality management standards while also embracing the local charms available to them.

Few industries simply exist in order to facilitate making new memories and having new experiences. The less pain and stress involved in doing business in hospitality, therefore, the better your service will be. Your guests are more likely to have an enjoyable time when things feel effortless and joyful. That is why Pierson Consulting provides hospitality management consultants who know how to help you bring out the most from your team in order to optimize daily operations into smooth-sailing routines.

New Hotels

Pierson Consulting Services, Inc. is a dream come true for new investors seeking hotel and hospitality management help. Pierson can help in the hiring process, training new staff, organizing daily operations, and providing guides on how to plan for growth over time.

Established Hotels

For your hospitality organizational management needs, Pierson Consulting offers financial performance maximization training for existing staff. We train in new operating procedures and offer mentorship to supervisors so that they know how to better “Inspect What You Expect.” These are just a few ways in which a hospitality management company can help take existing hotels to the next level. However, with Pierson you can also count on the fact that we specialize in hospitality management in the Caribbean. We are already familiar with the region and your potential competitors. When you hire us, we are on your side.


Franchises need to have a consistency of quality. The look, feel, and atmosphere have to have a certain brandable marketability that will allow customers to trust your brand no matter where they go. Pierson Consulting has worked with large companies, handling multi-million dollar projects which means that this scale will not be a daunting task when in the hands of experienced experts. This is why we are confident in our ability to service clients of all types, because franchises, while complex, enable us to have the confidence to work on any project.

Ongoing Partnership

Pierson Consulting is not only about short-term contractual consulting. We also look at our clients as partners who we help to continuously better themselves. Pierson Consulting is always ready to help you advance your business goals. With a wide tool- and skillset, we are able to offer just about every service required for the successful growth of your business in the hospitality sector. Be it expansion/franchising, regular productivity analysis and evaluation, annual overview and planning… there are many ways in which a partnership with Pierson Consulting is not only fruitful but also a smart choice!

Many Tools and Packages to Choose From

Pierson Consulting offers many packages and tools for all kinds of budgets. We are also happy to scale our working relationship up with clients over time. It is all about accountability with Pierson Consulting and so we encourage potential clients to get in touch with us in order to discuss our hotel management services. Find out all the ways that we can help you tap into your full potential.

We offer more than just hospitality management systems that hoteliers can adopt. Feel free to check out other services.