Feasibility and development services in the Caribbean

Pierson Consulting is available to conduct Feasibility and Development Services. In order to assess the projected economic benefits from your nascent hotel, Pierson looks at the value of the location, potential income, previous case studies, and more in order to help eager investors understand the nature of their future purchase.

This service is provided in order to provide and workable full or condensed Profit and Loss and Budget document for potential hotel owners to use to inform their opinions. Fixed and variable costs are taken into account as are a compression of the area’s true Comp Set, demographic conditions, Star Report, and an analysis of incoming competitors.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Site Visits and Analysis
  • Historical, current, and future analysis of the supply and demand chains in your competitive market.
  • Economic trend analysis
  • Estimated annual operating results

Pierson Consulting therefore provides an incredibly accurate and multi-faceted assessment in order for the client to fully prepare for the next move.