Acquisition hospitality and restaurant services in the Caribbean

Investors who wish to include a hotel in their portfolio have to be diligent in their selection process. Especially when industry trends are only useful in predicting the viability of an investment if the investor has an in-depth knowledge of the history of the sector, its intricaties, and the future trends that experts cite. Consulting with Pierson Consulting Services, Inc. can make it very easy to make the decision because we get all the work done on your behalf.

Pierson Consulting has over 20 years’ experience and still knows how to help investors find out what they have been missing out on. By formulating a plan, evaluating the possibility of acquisition, and keeping investors informed at every step of the way, we put our clients in the best position to broaden their portfolio.

The steps along the road include:
  • Pierson Consulting Feasibility Study
  • Appraisals and Market Studies
  • Staff Assessment
  • Staff Replacement Vetting
  • Due Diligence
  • Creation of 1-5 year Pro Forma

A hotel or a resort is both a business and a real estate investment which means double the value but can also mean double the risk. This means that familiarity with the industry from an outside point-of-view with no real stake in the investment can help you better assess whether or not this is the right choice.

Markets will change. That’s a given.

Pierson Consulting wants potential investors to comprehend property and market dynamics BEFORE purchasing hotels/resorts. After our rigorous screening process, Pieson Consulting performs market and property analysis preliminarily in order to come up with a starting bidding price. Due diligence of the targeted hotel is a must that can be overlooked when an investor is persuaded that they know the business. With vast experience in marketing, environmental audits, handling finances, engineering, and more, Pierson Consulting is surely there to help you make the right decision!