Swiss, but lives in Dominican Republic for more than 20 years, Bucher studied hospitality management and food and drinks at the International Hotel Management Institute of Lucerne, Switzerland. As soon complete their studies is engaged in the Leading Hotel Baur Au Lac in Zurich and then at the Maksoud Plaza Hotel in Brazil.

By increasing the philosophy of "all inclusive" receives an offer of hotels Allegro taht takes several openings in Mexico, Antigua, St. Kitts and Bavaro. However, returns abroad to work in the group Intercontinental Resorts in Mexico, and later Conzumel Hyatt Intercontinental. In the country he served as Director of A & B at Paradisus Punta Cana The Reserve and is currently the Director of A & B's Leading Hotel Casa de Campo in La Romana.

- Do you think they have nurtured both culturally is now reflected in the work done in Dominican Republic?

The move from a chain to another is certainly a big advantage because you'll gain experience, culture, ways of working, high standards (if you have the opportunity to work at AAA or Leading Hotels of the World). Obviously these are things that shape the professional and the director applies for getting better in the following sub-hotel where he works.

- What characteristics of these international hotels have implemented here at home?

I think it's a mixture. Return to the Dominican Republic, and specifically to House, it is to note that is different from many other hotels. House is a completely different product because it is more than a hotel. You have to villa owners, marine, airport, golf course and hotel. So it is not really comparable to a hotel. This service is provided not only hotel guests, but this large complex that includes all these variables. I would say if you were to compare it with one of the hotels where I have worked previously would have to merge two or three hotels because each has a different range.

- How you become part of Casa de Campo family?

It's very interesting. One day I received a call from the Central Romana and asked me if I was interested. Growing up in the RD and being a client of Casa de Campo, as was an honor to be asked. Besides, I know the plans I had for the project attracted much attention. Three years later I still belong to this family House and we have done almost all the plans presented at the time.

- What are the biggest changes we see in Casa de Campo since entering the project?

House has been renovated in its entirety. It has been rebuilt, modernized and upgraded by 80%. But most important is that investments have been made that will serve not only for today but for the future that will in time want to expand. Especially in the area of ​​Food & Beverage. It has been fully restored in what is the central kitchen, which is the backbone of this department. It is capable of more than we currently have. Both to serve the hotel, as the owners of villa. We have a wide range of services we provide in a normal hotel not lend. Thus the non-traditional size of the central kitchen we have, because it is a production kitchen European style with American teams. It was created not only to serve the hotel, but for: catering villas, airports yachts in the marina and all area restaurants that buy from us raw materials and semi-processed product. We have our own supermarket that can serve up to 2,500 banquet guests daily. This means that the infrastructure created and the concept was thought the long term.

- We understand that remodeling exceeds the value of the US $ 12 million.

The remodeling was done in Food & Beverage around 12 billion dollars in what is the central kitchen. This does not include restaurants: "Le Cirque" nor the "Beach Club", which were fully refurbished. Obviously the amounts are higher when discussing the whole hotel.

- Has changed the menu House with these renovations?

We had certainly reshape the food to appeal to the public to visit Casa de Campo: the owner of villa tourists coming from all over the world and hotel guests ranging from Dominicans, Europeans and Anglo-Saxons. Therefore, we have several centers of consumption with different concepts, always trying to bring our roots and ultimately the consumer will take a bit of what the Dominican cuisine.