The Casa de Campo resort recently invested in a more than 12 million dollar investment in it’s Casa de Campo hotel kitchen and to celebrate its wonderful new state-of-the-art facilities, the ladies of the Cafe de la Leche were invited on a tour.

This month’s Cafe de le Leche charitable gathering took place at the Casa de Campo hotel pool area and was simply wonder – the atmosphere and setting were beautiful and the food was delicious.

As part of the Cafe de la Leche, in between glasses of champagne, ladies were taken on a guided tour by Phillip Bucher, head of food and beverages. Our tour of the kitchen lead us through the cleaning and preparations process for all fruit and vegetable items which come into Casa de Campo – a 3 stage cleaning process, their extensive food storage facility which boasts 20 walk-in refrigerators, the almacen (store rooms) – where all non perishable items, such as ketchup, cookies, beer, canned goods etc are kept, as well a giant wine cooler and flash-freezing ‘chill-blast’ refrigerator.

With a strict production line system, which ensures all products; eggs, poultry, meat, fish, vegetables and non-perishables are unpacked and stored separately, the Casa de Campo kitchen is able to prevent cross-contamination, with items such as meat being flash-frozen and vacuum packed – which keeps the food fresh and safe for 15 days.

Everyone was very impressed with the excellent and pristine kitchen, with many ladies referring to it as ‘wonderful.